What is a business page?

Business page - a free site for you

A free site on our resources that helps you find customers not only among all our users, but throughout the entire Internet.

Connect a completely free business page and you will receive an additional tool for the development of your business.

If you don't want to create and promote your website or online store yourself, but you need to find new customers and increase sales, then the business page on Taki.Sale will help you.

Design the page and ads in your own style - this will prevent your offers from getting lost among similar ones.

By opening a business page on Taki.Sale, you will receive:

    permanent address of a page like name.taki.sale;
    a personal page with contact information in the header and reviews;
    the ability to design the page in your own style, place a logo, upload a background and graphic header;
    additional pages "About the company", "Payment and delivery";
    reviews about you and your product / service;
    the logo of your business page and a link to it are placed on the ad pages

How to open a business page?

Anyone can open a business page for FREE. To do this, you must have more than 3 active ads with the tag "Business", that's all.

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