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Taki Sale - Post all your ads!


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Taki Sale - Free Classifieds Board
1. Bulletin ads board where you can place:
- Really free of charge for your any ads.
- Inexpensive, and in many cases free promotion of your ads/
- Participation of your ads in the global search in search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex).
- Bonuses.
2. Submit without restrictions:
- by the number of placements
- by region (by country, worldwide)
- by field of activity (real estate, work, cars, goods, services, business, training, information, advertising, dating, establishments and much more)
- on placement and content (you can post any services and information (except those prohibited by law)
3. Feedback and Complaints:
- The first board with reviews of goods and services posted on the board.
- Including ratings and reviews of registered sellers and users.
- You can always leave a complaint about an ad or a proposal for the site, we are open to suggestions.
- Participation in the ratings of sites and users.
4. Business pages:
- Anyone can open a free business page (site) with full functionality of our board and their own domain - name.taki.sale.
- Placement in our directory of sites and sellers.
5. Convenience and functionality:
- Advanced functionality, user-friendly interface for both a computer and a mobile device.
- Application for mobile devices and desktop.
- Simple registration.
- Personal page with an avatar and contacts.
- Internal chats and correspondence.
- Buttons to share your ad.
- You can specify any means of communication - phones, email, instant messengers, websites, social networks).
Everything is for you.
Taki Sale.
Германия, Берлин

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