Black Friday! it's scam day!!!

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Black Friday! What is it - a day of fraud or bargain shopping?
The tradition of Black Friday has been around for over 100 years. Once a year, stores reduce prices, some products even have up to 90% discounts. But, unfortunately, not everyone plays fair.

TOP of the greatest deceptions awaiting us these days:

Unprecedented generosity

After a week or two, some stores raise the cost of goods by 20-30% and put a discount on the same goods. So we buy these items at the regular price, thinking it's a bargain and savings.
Great Alternative
Having chosen the desired product on the Internet with a good discount, tracking its cost, we wait for Black Friday to finally purchase it. After ordering on the site, we receive a call or a message from the consultant that this position has already ended, but they have an emergency alternative, however, a little more expensive than the product we have chosen. Of course, we are upset, and most will probably refuse a similar position. But there will be those who will agree for the reason that they have been waiting for this purchase for a long time and really wanted to. Such a psychological technique works not only on Black Friday, but on this day it usually works best, because the client is already ready, he has chosen a product, has been for some time and is convinced that he needs this product, and in desperation he can agree for an alternative.
Task with an asterisk
The asterisk is a hidden condition in small print that is rarely noticed and therefore often caught in impregnation. Additional information can be hidden under the asterisk, which plays an important role in the price. For example, expensive delivery or courier work that will cost exactly the discount on the product that you will receive, or a short trial period for using the service with automatic renewal, which you yourself agree to by checking the box, or the obligation to purchase another product in order to receive this discount.
Necessary trash
Some shops are really doing a big sale and giving 60%, 70% or even more discounts. But if you pay close attention to the goods they sell, it becomes obvious that these are out-of-season items, or goods that have long gone out of fashion and stale in stock, defective or defective products. That is, stores sell what they no longer need, has no particular value and takes up space in the warehouse.
Fishing or scam?
Phishing is one of the most popular online scam methods, the purpose of which is to obtain your personal data, passwords and your card details. When shopping on Black Friday, we are usually in a hurry, especially if there is a timer that the number of goods is about to run out or the time to buy is running out, in which case we may not pay attention to the reliability of the site and the low price, because this is Black Friday, so the price is underestimated. As a result, having paid for the goods, we lose money and get nothing, or even worse, we give our personal data to strangers and may lose much larger amounts.

Be smart on Black Friday and don't get caught up in its madness or how not to fall for the bait?
We have prepared for you some tips on how to make the most successful purchases:

  •     - In advance, select the goods or services you are interested in and add to your basket so as not to forget about them and not to hastily purchase unnecessary things.
  •     - In order not to fall for fake discounts, see the price dynamics chart in advance. Subscribe to price change notifications to stay up to date
  •     - Always compare the prices of a product with competitors to see its real cost and discount. If a store of your choice has a 50% discount on a product, and competitors do not have a discount, but the price is the same, they are trying to deceive you.
  •     - Use additional discounts and promo codes. Subscribe to stores you like. Usually, for the holidays, they make different mailings and inform about discounts, promotions and give different promotional codes that will help you save.
  •     - Choose a store or company and read reviews about them so as not to fall for phishing sites and scammers and not be left without funds and purchases.
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