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Taki Sale - Free Classifieds Board
1. New bulletin ads board where you can place:
- Really free of charge for your any ads. Inexpensive, and in many cases free promotion of your ads, participation of your ads in the global search in search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex).
- Bonuses.
2. Submit without restrictions:
- by the number of placements
- by region (by country, worldwide)
- by field of activity (real estate, work, cars, goods, services, business, training, information, advertising, dating, establishments and much more)
- on placement and content (you can post any services and information (except those prohibited by law)
3. Feedback and Complaints:
- The first board with reviews of goods and services posted on the board. Including ratings and reviews of registered sellers and users. You can always leave a complaint about an ad or a proposal for the site, we are open to suggestions. Participation in the ratings of sites and users.
4. Business pages:
- Anyone can open a free business page (site) with full functionality of our board and their own domain - name.taki.sale.
Placement in our directory of sites and sellers.
5. Convenience and functionality:
- Advanced functionality, user-friendly interface for both a computer and a mobile device. Application for mobile devices and desktop. Simple registration. Personal page with an avatar and contacts. Internal chats and correspondence. Buttons to share your ad. You can specify any means of communication - phones, email, instant messengers, websites, social networks).
Everything is for you.
May the Sale be with you. Taki Sale.
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На Taki.Sale з квітня 2021р.

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Актуально до: 20 травня 2024р.
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