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Currencies, their signs and universal symbols

The main symbols of currencies used by banks, exchanges and other financial institutions, as well as Taki Sale.

New categories - Handmade

Especially for lovers of "Handmade", as well as needlewomen and craftsmen "with hands", added to all relevant categories - the category "Handmade".

Meet new categories and improvements to the most used ones.

Meet two new categories and an improved Real Estate category

The main bulletin board

Taki Sale is a free bulletin board with a huge selection of goods, services and information in the region for you. is a free bulletin board with a huge selection of goods, services and information. Free ads work great, no worse than paid placements, better than social networks, and even more so, offline institutions or print publications. Online bulletin board with convenient search by headings, categories, countries, regions and towns. You can post an ad on the Internet for free and without annoying registration right now. Taki Sale is an online newspaper of quality free classifieds where you can buy and sell anything - real estate, cars, clothing, pet supplies, sports and travel, equipment and gadgets. Offer your service. Training, cleaning, cooking, finance, internet. Find a service, even meet or find a job. Give feedback. Submit your ad now, ads are absolutely free. Only email and password. Take action!

On the bulletin board - you can sell or buy any goods, offer services, rent real estate, find a job, offer a job, leave a review and much more. On, you can post free classifieds to individuals, as well as goods and services to legal entities.

All online classifieds on - here you will find what you were looking for! By clicking on the "Add ad" button, you can place an ad on any topic quickly and easily. With the service, you can easily sell, buy, offer from hand to hand almost anything.

Your ads go to search results and thus, this free classifieds board can serve as a good guide for your potential buyers of any online store or service industry.

If you are looking for ads, for example, want to sell an apartment or a house - real estate, car? Offer your service or find a job? Leave a review or meet? The Sale website will help you with this! Be aware that there are not only ads for the sale of used goods, but also offers of new ones.

Advertise yourself all over the world! The whole world will see you, develop, earn, communicate!

Search all over the world, in your region, what you want.

The first bulletin board with ratings and reviews. Find your seller in the ranking. Read the reviews. Leave your opinion.
  •     Really free - submit ads in any headings, plus inexpensive promotion.
  •     Convenient breakdown into categories and directions.
  •     Post your ad for free.
  •     Create your business page - site.

Our advantages

  •     An intuitive interface that is equally convenient both on a stationary computer and on a mobile device.
  •     There are practically no restrictions, post as many ads as you want in any category - for free.
  •     A good guide for sellers and buyers of online stores, because we provide a business page for free.
  •     There are no prohibited headings, except those prohibited by law.
  •     Post business ads for free.
  •     Convenient menu for working with ads, prolonging ads, archive, draft, quick publication, but long display and long storage.
  •     Seller rating and fraud prevention.
  •     Cost effective paid packages.
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