My dad met someone calling herself “Rosalie” on WhatsApp, who introduced him to, telling him this would generates dividends on liquidity pools every 6 hours based on the amount of money put into the MetaMask app wallet. The scammer walked him through the process where he downloaded the BinanceUS and MetaMask apps on his phone, then used the MetaMask browser to connect to eth-wintermute . net. My dad transferred approximately $130,000 over the course of a few days. Then Rosalie pressured victim to change to an escrow contract, to “lock in his profits” for 7 days, earning higher interest once a day, instead of every 6 hours. After the showed his investment was worth more than $167,170 he tried to withdraw but Rosalie, and the “customer support” person on the app, told him he needed to deposit another $84,000 in order to withdraw the full amount. He had his $167,170 in the DAPP app, which he was unable to withdraw it despite the unending back and forth with the customer service. Luckily, I have a colleague who encountered a similar fraudulent trading website who advised me to contact CyberPunk Programmers. After submitting our case, we learnt that my dad was actually communicating with an impersonator and that the actual Winter Mute website is  Wintermute . com. Eth-wintermute . net is not part of Wintermute and is not connected with them. CyberPunk Programmers, however, devised a technique to recover the money from the impersonators by gathering all information linked to them. After what seemed like a nightmare, we recovered $125,000. Even though he lost approximately $5,000, we were content having received a mega share of their amount. Here is the company’s contact details.

Canada, Ontario, Agincourt North
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