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You are engaged in repair, construction, you are a master or are looking for a master - you will find everything in this section!

What is construction and renovation?

What masters are there and are represented here?

Construction - erection of buildings and structures, as well as their major and current repairs, reconstruction, restoration and renovation.

The construction process includes all organizational, survey, design, construction and installation and commissioning works associated with the creation, modification or demolition of an object, as well as interaction with the competent authorities regarding the production of such works.

The result of construction is an erected building (structure) with interior decoration, operating engineering and technological systems and a complete set of documentation provided for by law. This is the ideal. As a rule, construction crews are engaged in only part of the work, for example, erecting a building box.

An already erected building, or a pre-existing facility, requires finishing or repairs.

Repair is a set of measures and the implementation of certain types of work in a room, any objects related to the renewal or reconstruction of its condition, a set of technological and technical measures.

      Repair costs a lot of money, but as a result, you get housing, office, house, or other premises, renovated and equipped according to your wishes and your taste.

      Repairs can be done in several ways:

      First way:

      - On your own, with the help of your family or with the help of relatives, friends, but it is hard, long, takes a lot of time, and in the end it will cost about the same as if you hired someone;

      Second way:

      - Hiring private craftsmen, which you can find on our website, hired force taken from the construction market or on the recommendations of those who have done the repairs, which can also be done on our website, because we have the opportunity to leave a review;

      Third way:

       - With the help of specialists of a construction company, a company that is professionally engaged in repair;

The choice is yours, we try to provide the most comfortable information and advertising services to you and the masters who provide these services.

The masters who are presented on our website are: both teams that build on a turnkey basis, and individual craftsmen, such as a plumber, electrician, painter, tiler, joiner, fitter, architect, diver, surveyor, geologist, plasterer, installer, cladder, carpenter , foreman, slinger, welder, architect, designer, gypsum plasterboard worker and many others, not counting those who do the laying of communications, earthworks, projects and much more.

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